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About Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc.

Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc. (GNT) is an Applied Nanotechnology IP Holding and Development Company. GNT acquires, holds and develops Patents & Trade Secrets & Processes, then markets those IP’s for Nanomaterials across a broad spectrum of mature Industry Markets. GNT creates ‘enterprise value’ & the opportunity for multiple revenue streams by obtaining the rights to & developing early stage ‘Nano-Intellectual Properties’ (NIP).

GNT is actively evaluating patented and emerging nanotechnology opportunities for Joint Venture and Strategic Alliances. GNT creates short and long term revenues, in addition to ‘enterprise value’ by:  Identifying, Developing, Integrating and then Commercializing, nanotechnologies that demonstrate significant new disruptive capabilities, enhance new or existing product performance and/or beneficially impact input cost reductions and efficiencies and therefore will achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage in their chosen market sector.

Market and Industry ApplicationsApplications-of-Nanomaterials-Chart-Picture1

 Applied Nanomaterials are being integrated into existing markets and are facilitating emerging products and technologies that are being developed by a very deep field of mature and financially capable companies: [Examples: Hitachi, Samsung, Siemens Lockheed Martin, 3M, DOW, NVC, Merck, Glaxo Smith-Kline]

Nano-Engineered Materials are impacting Medicine, Consumer Electronics, Energy Solutions and Advanced Fabrics. [Examples: Nano-Medicine, (Cancer Treatment Diagnostics, Drug Delivery & Therapy); Solid-State Lighting, Screen Displays (LED, LCD,QLED), Semi-Conductors, Security Inks, Paints, Coatings & Filters, QD Enabled Solar Cells, Ion-Lithium & Organic Batteries, Water Filtration & Desalinization, Military Armor and Identification and Natural Gas & Oil Market applications.]

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