Graphene Commercialisation and Applications: Global Industry and Academia Summit

QDOTS imagesCAKXSY1K 8(Nanowerk News) From its high electrical conductivity  and structural strength, graphene has been cited as a “wonder material” with the  potential to revolutionize materials engineering in many different industrial  sectors. While the number of commercial applications for graphene is potentially  unlimited, production scalability must first be established and R&D activity  properly directed to ensure graphene moves out of the lab and into the market.

The Graphene Commercialisation & Applications:  Global Industry & Academia Summit 2013, (25th-26th June, 2013, London),  is the first forum of its kind aimed at establishing the real, commercially  viable industrial applications of graphene, and expediting its role as a  game-changing technology.

With trailblazing companies such as Nokia, Head, Samsung,  Philips, BAE Systems, Sony and Thales, as well as leading academic and research  institutions such as Manchester University, UCLA, Chalmers University, Seoul  National University and Fraunhofer IPA, coming together for the first time to  present their views, this exciting event is a timely opportunity for relevant  stakeholders to evaluate specific industry requirements for graphene, as well as  understanding its’ material capabilities and real world applications.

Senior Business And Scientific Leaders Speaking At The Summit  Include

  • – Jari Kinaret, Professor, Chalmers University and Director, Graphene Flagship  Consortium
  • – James Baker, Managing Director, BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre
  • – Jani Kivioja, Research Leader, Nokia
  • – Ralf Schwenger, Director R&D Raquetsports, Head Sport
  • – Seungmin Cho, Principal Research Engineer and Group Leader, Samsung Techwin
  • – Byung Hee Hong, Associate Professor, Seoul National University
  • Richard Kaner, Professor of Chemistry, UCLA
  • – Paolo Bondavalli, Head of Nanomaterial Topic, Thales Group
  • – Marcello Grassi, Head of Technology, Spirit AeroSystems Europe
  • – Nuno Lourenco, Head of Technology, UTC Aerospace
  • – York Haemisch, Senior Director Corporate Technologies, Philips Research
  • – Peter Fischer, CTO, Plastic Logic
  • – Antonio Avitabile, Head of Strategic Technology Partnerships, Sony
  • – Ivica Kolaric, Department Head, Fraunhofer IPA
  • – Pradyumna Goli – Research Associate, A.A. Ballandin Nano-Device Laboratory, UC  Riverside
  • – Rahul Nair, Lead Researcher, University of Manchester
  • – Craig Poland, Research Scientist, Institute of Occupational  Medicine

Day One of the Summit will establish graphene’s commercially  viable applications across multiple sectors and the commercialisation roadmap.

Day Two illustrates supply and cost projections as well as  production scalability steps.

Download The Full Agenda And Speaker Faculty  HereThis forum will provide a unique and invaluable opportunity to  gain insights into the opportunities and hindrances presented by graphene. It  will also provide the framework for industry, research and academia to  collaborate in making this revolutionary technological development a market  reality.

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