Nanex offers invisible nanocoating technology

Nanex medium_122914Textiles and nonwovens become water and oil resistant while retaining their original properties.

Belgium-based Nanex Co. offers biodegradable and eco-friendly formulas featuring “invisible” nanotechnology coatings that can be applied to natural and manmade technical textiles and nonwovens, making them resistant to oil and water while allowing them to retain their original properties.

AquaShield is a super hydrophobic water repellent spray in the company’s nanotechnology product line that protects all absorbent surfaces, including textiles, leathers, wood and stone. It contains nanopolymers that bond on a molecular level with any absorbent surface and form a protection layer with highly hydrophobic properties, causing any fluid in contact with the treated surface to bead and roll off.

Nanex medium_122914

Any fluid in contact with a surface treated with AquaShield simply rolls off. The formula is easy to use and can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. The full range of properties is obtained after 24 hours. Photo: Nanex

The coating also has a high penetration capacity, providing protection below the surface, and provides immediate and long-term protection, decreases cleaning time and frequency, offers UV protection and protects against acid rain and pollution.

Source: Nanex