NIST seeks proposals to establish new Center of Excellence on Advanced Materials Research

(Nanowerk News) The National Institute of Standards and  Technology (NIST) has announced a competition to create an Advanced Materials  Center of Excellence to foster interdisciplinary collaborations between NIST  researchers and scientists and engineers from academia and industry. The new  center will focus on accelerating the discovery and development of advanced  materials through innovations in measurement science and in new modeling,  simulation, data and informatics tools.        
Block Copolymer
Computer models of polymer mixtures studied at NIST can help develop  improved lithography resists for nanomanufacturing.
NIST anticipates funding the new center at approximately $5  million per year for five years, with the possibility of renewing the award for  an additional five years. Funding is subject to the availability of funds  through NIST’s appropriations. The competition is open to accredited  institutions of higher education and nonprofit organizations located in the  United States and its territories. The proposing institution may work as part of  a consortium that could include other academic institutions; nonprofit  organizations; companies; or state, tribal or local governments.                      
Advanced materials, such as new high-performance alloys or  ceramics, polymers, glasses, nanocomposites or biomaterials, are a key factor in  global competitiveness. They drive the development of new products and new  technical capabilities, and can create whole new industries. However, currently,  the average time from laboratory discovery of a new material to its first  commercial use can take up to 20 years. Reducing that lag by half is one of the  primary goals of the administration’s Materials Genome Initiative, announced in 2011.                      
In many cases, the lengthy time for materials development is due  to a repetitive process of trial and error experimentation that would be  familiar to Thomas Edison. The Materials Genome Initiative and the new NIST  center focus on dramatically reducing this through the use of measurement and  data-based research tools: massive materials databases, computer models and  computer simulations. The new center will provide a mechanism to merge NIST  expertise and resources in materials science, materials characterization,  reference data and standards with leading research capabilities in industry and  academia for designing, producing and processing advanced materials.                      
Full details of the solicitation, including eligibility  requirements, selection criteria, legal requirements and the mechanism for  submitting proposals are found in an announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity  (FFO) posted at under funding opportunity number  2013-NIST-ADV-MAT-COE-01.                     
Applications will only be accepted through the  website. The deadline for applications is 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, Aug. 12,  2013.                     
NIST will offer a webinar presentation on the Advanced Materials  Center of Excellence on July 15, 2013, at 2 p.m. Eastern time. The webinar will  offer general guidance on preparing proposals and provide an opportunity to  answer questions from the public about the program. Participation in the webinar  is not required to apply. There is no cost for the webinar, but participants  must register in advance. Information on, and registration for the webinar is  available at  
Source: NIST

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