New Research: Nanotechnology in Oil and Natural Gas Production

QDOTS imagesCAKXSY1K 8(Nanowerk News) Flotek Industries, Inc. announced today  sponsorship of applied research at Texas A&M University to investigate the  impact of nanotechnology on oil and natural gas production in emerging,  unconventional resource plays.
“With the acceleration of activity in oil and gas producing  shales, a better understanding of the impact of various completion chemistries  on tight formations with low porosity and permeability will be key to developing  optimal completion techniques in the future,” said John Chisholm, Flotek’s  Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “While we know Flotek’s Complex  nano-Fluid chemistries have been successful in enhancing production in tight  resource formations, we believe a more complete understanding of the interaction  between our chemistries and geologic formations as well as a more precise  comprehension of the physical properties and impact of our nanofluids in the  completion process will significantly enhance the efficacy of the unconventional  hydrocarbon completion process. This research continues our relationship with  Texas A&M where we also are conducting research into acidizing applications  in Enhanced Oil Recovery.”
Specifically, the research will focus its investigation on the  oil recovery potential of complex nanofluids and select surfactants under  subsurface pressure and temperature conditions of liquids-rich shales.
Dr. I. Yucel Akkutlu, Associate Professor of Petroleum  Engineering in the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas  A&M University will serve as the principal investigator for the project. Dr.  Akkutlu received his Masters and PhD in Petroleum Engineering from the  University of Southern California. He has over a decade of postgraduate  theoretical and experimental research experience in unconventional oil and gas  recovery, enhanced oil recovery and reactive flow and transport in heterogeneous  porous media. He has recently participated in industry-sponsored research on  resource shales including analysis of microscopic data to better understand  fluid storage and transport properties of organic-rich shales.
“As unconventional resource opportunities continue to grow in  importance to hydrocarbon production, understanding ways to maximize recovery  will be key to improving the efficacy of these projects,” said Dr. Akkutlu. “The  key to enhancing recovery will be to best understand robust, new technologies  and their impact on the completion process. Research into complex nanofluid  chemistries to understand the physical properties and formation interactions  will play an integral role in the future of completion design to optimize  recovery from unconventional hydrocarbon resources.”
Source: Flotek Industries

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