Re-Thinking The Future – Clean Disruption and the Collapse of the Oil, Coal and ICEV Industries


Pandemics, Negative Oil Prices, Political Divisiveness, Economic Warfare, Shifting Population Profiles ….

“It was the best of Times … It was the Worst of times.” (Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities) Perhaps a little of Dickens could be said to be true of our current times.

But to quote another Author, Coach and Inspirational Leader,

“Great Moments are born from Great Opportunity.” – Herb Brooks – 1980 Gold Medal Hockey Coach, ‘Miracle on Ice’

And that … THAT is exactly what we have here, right now.

These very well may be the Times, the Technological Disruptions and the Opportunity … that changes the Social, Economic and Structural Fabric of Our World.

Tony Seba a world-renowned author, thought leader, speaker, educator ( Stanford University) and entrepreneur is sharing his future vision with us in his new YouTube Video:

“Re-Thinking the Future – Clean Disruption and the Collapse of the Oi, Coal and ICEV Industries”


Editor of “Great Things from Small Things”I believe it is Our Moment and Our Time as Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders to Create, Shape and Build Our Future.

“The Wind and the Waves are Always on the side of the ablest Navigators.” – E. Gibbons




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