Malaysia & Taiwan to Spur Growth of NanoTechnology + Bar-Ilan University joins UN nanotechnology lab

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Malaysia & Taiwan to Spur Growth of NanoTechnology 

Recently NANOVerify Sdn. Bhd. (NVSB), Malaysia’s first and only nanotechnology verification body, and the Taiwan Nanotechnology Industry Development Association (TANIDA), have announced a mutual nano-verification mark recognition programme that is set to open up trade and drive market penetration of nanotechnology based products in both countries.

The programme enables certified nanotechnology products from the respective verification programmes to receive equal recognition in both Malaysia and Taiwan. This is projected to enable the certification of over 100 new nanotechnology products in Malaysia within the next 12-months, as well as facilitate the entry of more than 20 domestic companies into the Taiwanese market.
Commenting on the announcement of the programme, Johan Iskandar, Managing Director of NVSB, said, “We are proud to unveil this programme as another milestone in our mission to grow nanotechnology domestically and abroad. The nanotechnology industry is thriving with projections valuing the industry at close to RM500 billion globally by 2024. Collaborations between verification bodies such as this will be vital in achieving those projections by increasing awareness and building consumer trust through the rise of certified nano-products on a global scale.”
The programme, endorsed by the TANIDA-NVSB steering committee in conjunction with theAsian Nano Forum (ANF) 2018, in Taipei, Taiwan, allows applicants to enjoy expedited verification processes thanks to integrated test lab facilities. In addition, the synergistic co-operation is focused on developing strategic campaigns to encourage ‘nano-technopreneurs’ and businesses to certify their products in order to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market space.
In collaboration with SIRIM QAS International, NVSB operates the NANOVerify Programme, a voluntary certification programme for processes and products with claims of nano-elements and nano-enhancements. Meanwhile, TANIDA oversees the operations of Taiwan’s NanoMark, for similar verification and recognition.
There are currently 34 certified nanotechnology products in Malaysia, ranging from cosmetics and cleaning solutions to home appliances and fertilizers, with growing interest from industry players.






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Bar-Ilan University joins UN nanotechnology lab

BINA-INL_signing-768x432Big agreements sometimes start in very small packages. In the case of a new partnership between Israel’s Bar-Ilan University and the United Nations, that package is nano-sized.
” …  INL comprises 100 researchers from 30 countries across Europe. Established 10 years ago by the governments of Spain and Portugal, the UN’s nano lab has an annual budget of €100 million.”

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