Nanotechnology Offers Next-Generation Marijuana Delivery

Dope-April-13In only a brief period of time, the cannabis industry has achieved remarkable progress, bringing to market safer, more intelligent product offerings, backed by research and designed to not only enhance but transform the consumer experience. Science and biotechnology companies are increasingly breaking down barriers, fighting the stigma, and making important strides toward gaining widespread acceptance of marijuana as a legitimate medical tool and, more specifically, as a trusted alternative to harmful and addictive prescription opiates.

These significant advancements are a direct reflection of the industry’s unmistakable drive to continuously improve itself. As our knowledge of the plant’s capabilities expands, we have in turn discovered a great deal about healthier approaches and delivery systems. For instance, we have learned that microdosing is a safer, more reliable and desirable approach to enjoying the therapeutic qualities of the plant—allowing consumers to experience maximum benefits from a minimal amount of product. We have also learned a great deal about intraoral, intranasal and transdermal administration methods, which allow for more efficient delivery of cannabinoids and a higher bioavailability.

Today’s cannabis consumers—representing a broader demographic range than ever before—are demanding these alternatives. Yogis, professional athletes, parents and grandparents alike are seeking cannabis as a natural treatment for everything from anxiety and depression to inflammation and chronic pain. They want control over dosing precision, without worrying about taking too much or waiting too long—and they want discreet products for on-the-go use, anytime and anywhere.

This new age of marijuana delivery is marked by smoke-free administration mechanisms that utilize groundbreaking technology to provide necessary alternatives to inconsistent edibles and potentially lung-damaging inhalation delivery methods. As the cannabis wellness revolution gains momentum, NanoSphere Health Sciences is at the forefront of modern research and development activity, helping the industry evolve by creating products that are clean and trustworthy; products that really work—without negative side effects like paranoia or lethargy. Our secret? Nanotechnology.

The next generation of the industry is here. Cannabis 2.0 has arrived, and it’s being ushered in by products like Evolve Formulas’ Transdermal NanoSerum™—a novel, first-of-its-kind product paving the way for smarter cannabinoid delivery by using the unique, patented NanoSphere Delivery System™.

Utilizing the world’s first (and only) scientifically-supported nanoparticle delivery system for cannabis, Evolve’s NanoSerum™ is the sole cannabis transdermal on the market that can break the blood-brain barrier, penetrating five layers of skin to deliver beneficial cannabinoids into the bloodstream and systemic circulation within three minutes.

With record-breaking efficacy and bioavailability, the Evolve NanoSerum™ took home a well-deserved honor as the 2017 DOPE Cup Winner for Best Transdermal. It is, after all, the only transdermal to transport THC swiftly into the bloodstream and to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Forget messy topicals and pesky patches—Evolve’s carefully crafted formulation is absorbed instantly, bringing targeted relief to specific problem sites, offering faster uptake without the hassle.

Despite undeniable growth and success, this product represents only the beginning of the industry’s cutting-edge breakthroughs still to come. We have merely scratched the surface of the many possibilities that lie ahead. If we as an industry are to further our progress, we must challenge ourselves to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, harnessing science and technology to give rise to safe, effective and smoke-free options in medical and recreational cannabis consumption, helping make the benefits of the cannabis plant accessible on a broader scale.

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