NREL: Comparing Costs of Automotive Lithium-Ion Batteries – Know the Context

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Reported measures of automotive battery costs and prices vary widely.
This is in part because the technology is relatively new and the shape, size, chemistry, and packaging differ between vehicles.

Also, the context for the reported values is often not clearly stated, inviting comparison of inequivalent values from multiple sources.

For example, cells are often combined into packs for specific vehicles at significant added cost, so it is not appropriate to compare a cell cost with a pack cost, even if they are both expressed in the same units ($/kWh).

NREL recently developed a fact sheet that demonstrates the importance of understanding the full context of various cost and price metrics of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cell and cell packs.

The fact sheet provides metrics for light-duty vehicle cell and cell pack market price, modeled price, modeled cost, and lab achieved costs.

The data comes from market reports, CEMAC cost models…

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