Five Years Ago … 2,205 Posts/Articles Later … “Great Things from Small Things” … Thank You!


contemporary-prints-and-postersIt has been a long Journey, in some respects … and yet at times it seems as if only yesterday. “Time goes fast when you are having fun!” it has been said and indeed the “time” seems to have zipped by!


So, from the Archives … one of our very first Posts on our Nanotechnology Blog – “Great Things from Small Things”

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One of our very first …. 2,205 Posts ago!

hi_4712Gold nanocluster arrays developed at A*A*STAR are well suited for commercial applications of a high-performance sensing technique



Schematic of the nanocluster SERS substrate in planar chip and fiber-optic configurations. The dome shape of the gold nanoclusters reflects the shape of the hemispherical polymer nanostructures on the underlying surface. The red/green clusters represent the molecules being analyzed. The arrays are densely packed and regularly spaced (inset: electron micrograph of the arrays).



Follw The Link Here:  Nanoparticles: Making gold economical for sensing






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