Quantum Dots from Coal + Graphene Could Dramatically Cut the Cost of Energy from Fuel Cells

“Great Things from Small Things” ~ Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc.

Genesis Nanotechnologyo and l o

TOCRice University’s cheap hybrid outperforms rare metal as fuel-cell catalyst

Graphene quantum dots created at Rice University grab onto graphene platelets like barnacles attach themselves to the hull of a boat. But these dots enhance the properties of the mothership, making them better than platinum catalysts for certain reactions within fuel cells.

The Rice lab of chemist James Tour created dots known as GQDs from coal last year and have now combined these nanoscale dots with microscopic sheets of graphene, the one-atom-thick form of carbon, to create a hybrid that could greatly cut the cost of generating energy with fuel cells.


Rice University scientists combined graphene quantum dots, graphene oxide, nitrogen and boron into a catalyst capable of replacing platinum in fuel cells at a fraction of the cost. Illustration courtesy of the Tour Group – See more at: http://news.rice.edu/2014/09/30/platinum-meets-its-match-in-quantum-dots-from-coal-2/#sthash.0maP4c7c.dpuf

The research is the subject of a new…

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