Nanotechnology Makes Materials “SMART” and Responsive: Video

Nanotechnology Makes Materials “SMART” and Responsive: Video

Nanotechnology shows that the next big thing can be small. Prof. Frank Gu creates materials for applications from drug delivery to environmental protection.



3 comments on “Nanotechnology Makes Materials “SMART” and Responsive: Video

  1. Pooja says:

    How practical nanotechnology is?
    I mean is it possible to make a big market for nanomaterials or nanoelectronic?


    • Pooja. Thanks for your question. It is not only “possible” it has and is being done now. “Nano-Enabled” Materials and Technologies accounted for almost $3.9 Trillion across Global Markets last year. Our Blog – “Great Things from Small Things” holds a wealth of information and applications for the New Nano Economy. You may also want to visit our website at – Thanks for your comments and questions – Team GNT

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    • Pooja says:

      Thanks for information.
      I am a nanotech student and want to start my startup for NEMS, MEMS and nanoelectronic. So I am always eager to know about this field in market.
      There are lot of research has been done in nanotechnology, but number of products in market is very less. I want to make nanotechnology available for common man.
      Your blog is very informative and helpful for me and thanks for your website link also.

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