18 Charts Show What the Next Generation of Development Professionals Will Look Like

Devex infographic_d4By Kate Warren, Devex
Infographics by Sophie Greenbaum, PSI

What will the 21st century development professional look like? What skills will they need? How will they measure success? How will funding change in the next 10 years?

These questions, and more, were asked of more than 1,000 development professionals in a survey conducted by Devex, in partnership with PSI and the US Global Development Lab at USAID.  And the results were illuminating.

For example, sustainability was rated as the most important approach in which to be proficient according to development professionals. Capacity-building, community-based approaches, data-driven and evidence-based programming and innovation followed.

When you download the full report, you’ll discover:

  • What types of development workers will be valued in the future: integrators, specialists, generalists or disrupters.
  • How development professionals believe aid will be invested in the future.
  • Whether aid workers believe they can keep working with a single funder or will need to work with a diverse range.
  • What industry sectors future aid workers will come from.
  • How the tools of the trade will change.
  • What skills from the technology sector are most likely to be integrated in development work (i.e., human-centered design, market-based approaches, crowd-sourcing solutions, gamification).
  • What soft skills are needed (i.e., empathy, resourcefulness, adaptability, implementation skills, or collaboration).
  • How older development professionals view critical skills differently than younger professionals.
  • What skills gaps current development professionals feel they have.
  • What skills health professionals are most interested in developing.
  • What level of education future development professionals will need.
  • What language skills (and which languages) are believed to be most important in 10 years.

*** Some Example Infographics from the Report ***

Check out all of the survey results below. (You can also click on the link/ infographic to see or download the full survey.)


And more! So download your PDF copy today. And feel free to share it with your colleagues, co-workers and friends!

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