Venture Capital Corporations – Tax credits in British Columbia ~ How They can Make a Good Investment … Even Better

With most investors looking for ways to save taxes, today we are going to look at Venture Capital Corporations, and the significant tax advantages they offer investors living in British Columbia.

*** Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc. integrates Government Grants, Supports and Non-Recourse Funding from Government Agencies Ex. NSERC, SRED, SBIR, DOE  in addition to the VCC program. Qualifying VCC/ EBC shares are also eligible for Canadian Retirement Savings Plans (RSP’s). ***

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Published on Apr 20, 2015

“Harnessing the transformational POWER of Nanotechnology will usher our world into the age of the ‘2nd Great Industrial Revolution’. Nanotechnology will impact almost every aspect of our daily lives, from clean abundant Renewable Energy, Wearable-Sensory Textiles, Displays & Electronics to Bio-Medical, Diagnostics, Life-Saving Drug Therapies, Agriculture, Water Filtration, Waste Water Remediation and Desalination.”

“GNT™ is very excited to be a part of this ‘Revolution’. Bringing together leading ‘Nano-University Research Programs’ with Marketplace & Industry Leaders , engaging our Proprietary Business Model, fostering in a new paradigm in nanotechnology innovation.”

~ Bruce W. Hoy, C.E.O. of Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc. ~

2 comments on “Venture Capital Corporations – Tax credits in British Columbia ~ How They can Make a Good Investment … Even Better

  1. ricodilello says:

    Yes, the tax credits are great. However only one in twenty start ups succeed so buyer beware!


    • Nanoneophyte says:

      We agree … however as very good friend of ours once said, “Sending money to Revenue Canada is indisputably a ‘Terminal Loss’!” Apply sound investment rules to the start-up you are considering” (1) Research the experience of the Founders, Principals; (2) Read the Business Plan & Plan of Operation; (3) Evaluate the ‘Exit Plan’ and Liquidity Options and (4) ‘Know Thy Self’ – Make sure you are comfortable with the Risks (and the Rewards) of making the investment. The ‘time value of money (tax) saved’ + a good investment (better yet – a “pool” of such investments = diversification) can make for some very savvy investments.

      One last caveat … IF you want a strategy to remove FULLY TAXABLE DOLLARS from your RRSP – consider setting up a SD-RRSP with an approved Trust Company and arrange to ‘exchange’ assets (Qualifying VCC Shares of equal value FOR appreciated assets inside your RRSP) – Why? It may be to your advantage to remove SOME TAX DEFERRED assets out of your RSP without the usual tax consequences.

      We recommend you seek Professional Tax advice on any ‘Tax Planning’ you want to implement. But these strategies are not new or novel – they have been used by thousands of investors – BUT IT MUST BE APPROPRIATE to the individual investor.

      Best Regards – Team GNT


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