Sunvault Presents 1000F Graphene Supercapacitor at Wall Street Conference

sunvault-slide-1Published on April 8, 2015 at 6:23 AM

SUNVAULT ENERGY INC.(SVLT) was recently at the Wall Street Conference in Miami Florida where CEO Gary Monaghan and Sunvault Director Governor Bill Richardson addressed the audience on recent company developments.

At the conference, the Company presented a 1000 farad graphene supercapacitor – the largest graphene supercapacitor developed to date and a technology that will in short order compete with, if not potentially replace the lithium battery in the future. The 1000 farad graphene supercapacitor was created through one of Sunvault’s Joint Venture Companies’, Supervault Energy, a 50/50 JV between Sunvault Energy and Nanotech Energy Inc.

At the conference CEO Gary Monaghan was quoted as follows: “Currently the cost to manufacture a lithium battery is about $500 (USD) per/ kWh. Tesla recently announced a Super Factory to be built in Nevada, with a promise to get the price of lithium batteries down to $150 USD per kWh by 2020, our current cost estimated for this type of graphene base supercapacitor is about $100 per kWh today and we feel confident we should be able to cut this pricing in half by the end of 2015”

“Graphene based Supercapacitors are carbon based, and form no toxicity threat to the environment, unlike the lithium battery” stated Gary Monaghan. There is ample supply of graphene or elements to make graphene, while Lithium supplies are dwindling” he continued.

At the conference the Company displayed the ability to 3D print device parts, which can significantly reduce manufacturing costs. The ability to wire these devices together results in a unit that would be approximately the size of a computer tower that would be able to store enough energy to power a home. This would work in conjunction with Sunvault’s planned stand up solar appliance for power generation that would be slightly larger than an air conditioning unit, and could supply the much publicized, “home off the grid” potential of the future, announced recently by others. The Company believes its Solar appliance device plans far surpasses the “roof full of solar panel approach” for ease of entry and removes the barrier to entry that potentially resides in most consumers’ minds; because of the construction project approach they currently face for deployed solar.

The ability to fast charge devices with pseudo/Supercapacitor units versus a slower energy release of lithium Ion batteries will impact the smart phone, electric car, power grid stabilization and home off the grid markets.  In layman terms – A smart phone that will be charged in under a minute and an electric car can both be powered by the graphene pseudo/supercapacitor that can fast charge more rapidly than any battery and effectively last a life time, will significantly change the landscape of the future. In every decade there is some breakthrough technology that will significantly impact the world and its future, Sunvault believes for “this decade that breakthrough is graphene and all of its potential uses”.

The Company is also looking at other Joint Venture opportunities for the deployment of Graphene base heating and power storage systems, and has started to look for areas to set up manufacturing for products that are ready to go to market.


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