Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove: Quantum Dot Forum 2015 in San Francisco, CA: Video

Published on Mar 30, 2015

Bringing better pixels to UHD with Quantum Dots
The next wave of market push for TVs is Ultra-High Definition. The increase in resolution from HD to 4K is perhaps the most well known benefit of UHD but there is much more to this new broadcast specification. High dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut bring more perceptible benefits to users in terms of an improved viewing experience than improved resolution alone. The ultra-high color gamut standard Rec. 2020 was originally defined for laser-based projectors where the color primaries are on the color locus of the CIE diagram. Because of the deeply saturated color coordinates, Rec. 2020 is beyond the capabilities of OLEDs. Is the Rec. 2020 color standard reachable for consumer displays or is it only for high-end laser-based projection systems? This presentation explores the capability of using quantum dots in LCDs to reach the ultra-high color gamut of Rec. 2020.

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One comment on “Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove: Quantum Dot Forum 2015 in San Francisco, CA: Video

  1. Nanoneophyte says:

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    “Quantum Dots” have come a very long way in the development cycle as a new ‘nano-material’ that can be manufactured (synthesized) in both a cost effective manner and ‘in-scale'(allowing for greater Industry acceptance). This has allowed the many potential applications of QD’s to gain traction toward commercial viability. Examples being: (1)Replacing Fluorophores for greater luminescence in Diagnostics and In-Vivo Drug Delivery (Treatment) (2) New Hybrid-Materials in Composites, Polymers (3) As Semi-Conductors (4) Replacing existing technology for LED’s and SSL and (5)As the ‘Next Generation’ of Solar-Cells capable of generating greater efficiencies (energy conversion) and at MUCH lower costs … just to cite a few ‘in the market place’ examples. “Great Things from Small Things!” ~ Bruce W. Hoy, C.E.O. Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc.


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