Nanotechnology Grand Challenges and Emerging Markets – What’s In It For Us and Them?

Quantum Innovation Solutions

Private sector actors are key players for delivering marketable solutions for grand challenges and in doing so to create value added growth and employment.EmergingMarkets

Grand challenges, involving a combination of major public and private interests, are seen as key for realizing future economic growth, and are concerned with important social and/or environmental problems. Grand challenges are not to be defined, assessed or solved by any single scientific or technological discipline or within one specific sectoral policy framework. Societies are facing complex, interlinked, global and local challenges.

Achieving Social Development PhotoA highly dynamic innovation sphere may turn a challenge field into a dynamic and demanding market which triggers the development of new institutions, organisational innovations, new technologies and fundamental research questions. The general move to challenges thinking at policy level definitely influences choices made by private sector players.

Philanthropy and International AID Agencies Move Markets

Matt Damon and Gary White, Matt Damon and Gary White, co-founders of

Traditional charity models are…

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