NanoTech Start-ups, Public-Private Partnerships, and Global Logistics

Quantum Innovation Solutions

Building an international private enterprise collaborative capability calls for shifting the focus from administering transactions toward managing relationships with trusted partners.Border Round Table MeetCutFin

Having led multiple international private and public sector development and trade ventures between developed and emerging nations, this blogger’s forty year career has found logistics to be an all encompassing challenge in the acceptance and movement of products internationally. The most difficult intersections are deal making, getting the product developed, evaluated, and accepted for in-country purposes, international finance and contracting, transportation, on-site installation / start-up, and on-going long-term sustainability. These and a multitude of details need to be addressed continuously throughout the process. Private nano-enabled enterprises therefore collaborate with public implementing agencies to effectively transition technologies internationally while resolving far reaching Societal Grand Challenges (refer to The Role of Public-Private Partnerships – 2013).

Waterloo-Bordeaux - Path to a Privileged PartnershipA Bio-based Chemistry Program to be jointly managed by Bordeaux University, France and Waterloo University Canada

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