EUR 315 Billion Leveraged – European Fund for Strategic Investments

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“Momentum for Europe – Innovation and Competitiveness”

Euro SymbolThe growth opportunities that the global market will offer us are enormous. But we must know how to use them!

  • Release date: 02 March 2015
  •  Reference: 2015-042-EN

Europe’s annual need for investment in education, innovation and infrastructure can be valued at EUR 500 billion. Opening a high level conference organised by the European Investment Bank today in Berlin, EIB President Dr Werner Hoyer took the leading global economies as a yardstick for Europe’s investment drive. In their following speeches, Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker talked about the innovation policy challenges and ways to reduce the investment gap.

Momentum for Europe Innovation and Competitiveness European Investment Bank  Fotocredit:  EIB/CHLietzmannTitled “Momentum for Europe – Innovation and Competitiveness”, the two-day EIB event is dedicated to examining the challenges of financing and promoting innovation in Europe. Werner Hoyer described the expansion of digital infrastructure as Europe’s most urgent investment task, as…

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