Canada Leads in the Race to Create “Quantum Valley”

Genesis Nanotechnology

RThe Institute of Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo. (PETER POWER/THE GLOBE AND MAIL)AYMOND LAFLAMME ~ Special to the Globe and Mail

My grandfather was born in 1906. It was the year that Romanian inventor Traian Vuia flew a heavier-than-air monoplane with unassisted takeoff for the first time at Montesson in France.

As a child, I remember how my grandfather would sometimes look up at the sky, spotting a plane in flight, and tell me about times that people would flock into the streets to marvel at the first passenger flights.

I would roll my eyes. Quebec City’s airport had been ferrying passengers in and out well before I was born in that city. Planes were, and still are, just part of my world. Something I take for granted.

I’d be willing to bet that Traian Vuia and other aviation pioneers never – even in their wildest dreams – imagined that air travel would become so normal. In far less than…

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