Nanotechnology: Can New Discoveries Help Us Provide Clean Water and Clean Renewable Energy?

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Nanotechnology and Our Future

Nanotechnology has been called “The Next Industrial Revolution.” It will or already has, impacted almost every facet of our daily lives. From ‘Nano-Enabled’ Solar Energy & Storage, Nano-Enabled Water Filtraion & Remediation to ‘Nano-Enabled’ Drug Therapies for Cancer, Alzheimers and DiabetesNanotechnology will serve to advance our technology capabilities to meet the Vision for a Better Quality of Life for all of us who share this Planet Earth as ‘Home’.

Go to Meeting LogoGenesis Nanotechnology: Who We Are

Genesis Nanotechnology (GNT™) is an applied Nanotechnology Development Company. GNT™ acquires University developed ‘Nano-IP’ (Intellecutual Properties or Technologies), then develops; Patents, Trade Secrets & Processes for the commercialization of those technologies.

Our areas of focus (our passions) are Clean, Renewable Energy and Clean, Accessible Water via ‘Nanotechnology’ – for our Planet – Our Home.

Surfer at Peahi Bay on Maui, Hawaii

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With the installation of this first article (from the Financial Times) we will begin a series of articles addressing not only California’s “Water Disaster”, but the impact the lack of access to Clean, Abundant, Affordable WATER is having on our world – PLANET EARTH.

More importantly, we will address how we believe Nanotechnology with its many ‘cross disciplines’ across many Scientific Fields “holds the KEY” to solving the World’s Water Crisis. We believe that Nanotechnology and the need for water will also create commercial opportunities and the “Opportunity to Do Well … by Doing Good”.Team GNT

1-World Water Scarcityfig1Next Week: “Nanotechnology and Desalinization – “An Answer to World’s Thirst for Water?”

Read Our First Installment of “Water – The New Blue Gold” Here:

1-california-drought-farms (Continue) – Who We Are – Genesis Nanotechnology)

Our Foundational Technologies are in Water Filtration (including desalinaiztion), Waste Water Remediation (including remediation of ‘Fracking Water’) and Mass Synthesis (production) of Nanomaterials that will enable new or replace existing technologies across a broad spectrum of mature Industries (Ex. – Textiles, Paints, Coatings, Inks, Solar, Electronics, Sensors, Water Filtration).

GNT™ incorporates all applicable Tax Incentives, Tax Credits, Research Grants & Supports provided by the U.S. and Canadian governments, into our Funding Model.

Our GNT Team plans for the transition of “Developed Technology” into “Commercial Entities” even as we continue to work closely with our University Partners. While there are many ‘off ramps’ (‘Exit Strategies’) for the developed technologies, most will have a 3 to 5 Year Time Horizon, at which time our experience tells us that our ‘Investment Multiple’ ranges from 80:1 to 100:1. – “Doing Well … by Doing Good!”

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