Photoactive Quantum Dots for Solar Power Generation

Large Solar panelsQuantum Materials Corporation today announced that it is scaling up volume production of photoactive quantum dots for use in next-generation photovoltaic (PV) solar power technologies.

While offering numerous advantages for solar power generation, the high cost and difficulty of producing large quantities of quantum dots with which to develop thin-film solar cells has until now kept them from commercial utilisation and acceptance. The company is seeking partners for pilot thin-film quantum-dot solar cell factories with its automated quantum-dot production system supplying the material necessary to support daily runs of continuous roll-to-roll thin-film production.

Wholly-owned subsidiary Solterra Renewable Technologies develops sustainable solar technology by replacing silicon wafer-based solar cells with high-production, low-cost, efficient and flexible thin-film quantum dot solar cells.

The environment for solar advances is reaching an investment capital tipping point, as highlighted by the recent pledge by the Rockefellers, who made their vast fortune on oil, to divest a total of $50 billion USD from fossil fuel investments and focus on supporting alternative energy solutions. They have joined some 650 individuals and 180 institutions, including 50 new foundations, which hold more than $50 billion in total assets, that have pledged to divest from supporting fossil fuels over five years since the divestment movement launched three years ago.

According to Stephen Squires, founder and chief executive officer of Quantum Materials, cost-effective volume production of photoactive quantum dots will create the foundation for improving capital investment and adoption of solar energy technologies such as thin-film PV to drive down the relative cost-per-watt ratios.

The recent issuance of Quantum Materials’ Republic of China (Taiwan) patent, “Hybrid Organic Solar Cells with Photoactive Semiconductor Nanoparticles Enclosed in Surface Modifiers,” combined with other recent patents acquired from Bayer AG provide Quantum Materials with the robust intellectual property (IP) protection needed to bring their optimised photoactive quantum-dot solar cell materials to market.

The Bayer patents incorporate broad descriptions of materials, fundamental design of quantum-dot solar cells and processes for manufacturing them. They also enhance Quantum Material’s technology portfolio in printing quantum dot displays, solar cells and other printed electronic devices by gravure or high-speed roll-to-roll.

The company is seeking partners with whom to utilise proprietary materials and processes to drive next-generation thin-film solutions.

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