Europeans and Nanotechnologies

Euro BTjDRW7IAAAuJtmNanOpinion project undertook a multichannel activity on public engagement in nanotechnologies (NT). The project used an innovative outreach approach, focusing on dialogue, to monitor Europeans‘ opinions on NT across Europe. It included surveys, social media, discussions, street labs, events in public and semi-public spaces, etc.

A total of 8.330 people filled in the questionnaire and  approximately 15.000 citizens were engaged in more than 20 live events, including activities in the streets, debates and workshops. Besides, a total of 1.556 students were engaged in school activities and NanOpinion contents on social media reached thousands of users too. In parallel, a mass media campaign was carried out by the media partners, who published 6 supplements and 161 articles, on blogs and microsites, reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors.

All data and results of the project can be easily visualized in a microsite by clicking the link below. You will find the results divided into country, level of education, etc. It also contains a booklet with policy recommendations and gives an overview of which attitudes Europeans have towards nanotechnologies.


Applications of Nanomaterials Chart Picture1

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