Scottish Enterprise Programme

Proof of Concept Programme

European Regional Development FundOur Proof of Concept (PoCP) programme supports the pre-commercialisation of leading-edge technologies emerging from Scotland‘s universities, research institutes and NHS Boards. It helps researchers to export their ideas and inventions from the lab to the global marketplace.

Projects can be typically defined as occurring at the stage after advances have been made during curiosity-driven or strategic research.

The programme finances projects with strong commercialisation potential. Naturally, many of these projects contain a high element of risk. In funding the projects, we are committing a significant amount of resource (both in financial and personnel terms) to enable the projects to realise their potential.

The purpose of PoCP is to create new high-growth companies based in Scotland with the potential and capability to achieve significant growth (defined for this purpose as the achievement of at least £5 million turnover within 5 years of trading or the attraction of at least £10 million commercial investment within the same period, and which can continue growth thereafter).

Find out if your project is eligible for the Proof of Concept Programme



Are you a start-up?

Early-stage companies could win up to £50,000 with the Scottish EDGE competition

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