Flexible and printed electronics: Approaching the tipping point

201306047919620(Nanowerk News) FlexTech Alliance announced that the 2014 Flexible and Printed Electronics Conference &  Exhibition (2014FLEX) returns to the Phoenix Convention Center February 3-6,  2014 with the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, as the  headquarters for several of the networking functions. This conference and  exhibit is the most comprehensive North American event exploring technology and  markets in flexible and printed devices and its supply chain. Industry analysts  contend that this sector is steadily approaching an inflection point moving from  technology push into market pull.
Organized by FlexTech Alliance, a membership-driven industry  association which represents companies in the flexible and printed electronics  sector, 2014FLEX leverages the association’s educational programs, worldwide  connections, and management of R&D projects.
Three industry leaders have committed to chair the conference  and share their experience in this emerging field of electronics: Ross Bringans,  vice president at PARC, A Xerox Company (Palo Alto Research Center), Michael  Idacavage, vice president of business development at Esstech, Inc., and Robert  Miller, senior business manager at EMD Chemicals.
“The Flex Conference has built a well-deserved reputation for  excellent technical content and as a very effective place to meet partners,  discover new approaches, and to be inspired in our research and development of  new offerings,” states Bringans.
“As an 8+ year veteran of this event, I look forward to helping  2014FLEX maintain its position as the most innovative and most rewarding event  of its kind,” adds Idacavage.
Miller notes, “Advancements made in equipment, materials and  processes that have been introduced at the Flex Conference have helped to enable  the touch revolution, large scale conformable displays, flexible power  generation, just to name a few. As presenters, exhibitors or attendees, we know  our time and effort has excellent return on our investment at this, the original  conference in the field of flexible electronics.”
“Insightful business perspectives and top technical  presentations are the hallmarks of the Flex Conference,” comments Michael  Ciesinski, FlexTech Alliance’s chief executive officer. “We draw subject matter  experts from the global industry and provide a platform for the technical and  business development community to accomplish all of their professional and  corporate objectives.”
One of the first activities for the leaders was to identify a  theme for the conference, this year tagged as “Approaching the Tipping Point”,  conveying the industry’s perception that wide-scale adoption of flexible and  printed electronics is imminent. Growth in the sector has been steady and  technological advances continue to enhance existing products.
The conference chairs are supported by 28 distinguished members  of the program committee who will identify and invite leading business  professionals and researchers around the world to present a paper or give a  short course at 2014FLEX. Their first activity was to create a list of topics  for the newly-released Call for Papers. This list and details on presenting at  the conference has been carefully created to attract those working on the  cutting edge and ready to present their work to an audience of peers, potential  customers and potential suppliers.
Source:  FlexTech Alliance

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