Cadmium-free quantum dots “CFQD™”

In many regions of the world there is now, or soon to be, legislation to restrict and in some cases ban heavy metals in many household appliances such as IT & telecommunication equipment, Lighting equipment , Electrical & electronic tools, Toys, leisure & sports equipment. In Europe, under the RoHS Directive, the restricted metals include cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg) and lead (Pb). Maximum concentrations are 0.1% or 1000 ppm for lead or mercury and 0.01% or 100 ppm for cadmium – measured by weight in homogeneous materials such as liquids, plastics or coatings. There are similar regulations in place or soon to be implemented worldwide including China, Korea, Japan and the US.

Cadmium and other restricted heavy metals used in conventional quantum dots is of a major concern in commercial applications

For QDs to be commercially viable in many applications they MUST NOT CONTAIN cadmium or other restricted elements. Due to the versatility of quantum dots, many customers would like to exploit their unique properties in applications where it is not permissible to use conventional heavy metal containing NanoDots™. Nanoco has developed and is currently extending the range of restricted metal free quantum dots. These materials show bright emission in the visible and near infra-red region of the spectrum.

Nanoco’s molecular seeding method has been adapted for other compound semiconductor materials, which have similar optical properties to those of CdSe quantum dots (such as the family of III-V materials), but do not contain heavy metals.

A world leading developer and manufacturer of quantum dots

Nanoco Group PLC and its operating subsidiary Nanoco Technologies Ltd partner major R&D and blue-chip industrial organisations in the development of applications incorporating semiconductor nanoparticles, “quantum dots”.

Nanoco Technologies is unique in the nanomaterials market as a company that manufacture large quantities of quantum dots. Our molecular seeding process for the bespoke manufacture of these nanoparticles on a commercial scale is protected by worldwide patents.

Nanoco Technologies is the only manufacturer currently able to supply production quantities of these nanoparticles which do not use a regulated heavy metal. We are the only manufacturer able to respond to orders for large quantities of bespoke quantum dots, and we are leading the way in customising the functionalisation of quantum dots enabling chemical linkage for biological and other specific uses.

The bulk manufacture of quantum dots provides our partners with the platform to develop a wide variety of next-generation products, particularly in application areas such as display technology, lighting, solar cells and biological imaging.

Nanoco Technologies’ research and manufacturing headquarters was established in Manchester (UK) in 2001. The company currently operates facilities in the UK and Japan.

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