One of the major limitations of the use of nanomaterials at industrial scale is their high price. Although the price in recent years is declining and is expected to price of nanomaterials follow this trend in the medium term, there are still many applications where the low profit margin of the product does not allow the inclusion of nanomaterials. This is why it is considered necessary to develop new methods of synthesis of nanoparticles that allow the production of nanomaterials cheaply.

Some studies show that pyrolysis of biomass present an economical alternative to traditional synthesis methods for obtaining carbonaceous nanostructures. For example, researchers at the University of Nuevo Leon in Mexico, have shown that it is possible to obtain coal graphitizable from pyrolysis of walnutshell. These particles are obtained as a solid part in the synthesis process, but obtained solid and liquid fractions may also be utilized.

In addition to these amorphous carbon particles, it is possible to synthesize carbon nanoparticles by pyrolysis of biomass attached to the process of chemical vapor deposition, whose characteristics allow its use in energy.

This development could lead to a substantial drop in prices of nanomaterials as the process could be applied to other products from biomass or waste biomass.

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